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Advantages of cassette type fan coil

Column:Industry knowledge Time:2020-05-21
Compared with general fan coil units, cassette type fan coil units are generally used in large-scale assembly, .

1 Overall air supply

The card type fan coil is composed of panel and body. The air outlet mode of the panel is generally one side, two sides, four sides and multi-directional. Therefore, the air supply mode of the card type fan coil is various. So in any corner of it, we can feel its function and effect. It's for this reason that some big teams have to choose it. In fact, it has many advantages, but these advantages are most representative, because other fan coil units do not have such advantages

2 Beautiful appearance

Although it is an open mounted machine, it does not occupy any space because it can be hung in the ceiling. And its appearance design is very good, looks very beautiful, does not affect everyone's use at all. Therefore, in many large venues, we hope to save space, but when it does not affect the beauty, we will choose it. At present, there are mainly luxury shopping malls and various welcome rooms used in card type fan coil units. These are all formed by its advantages. In its shape design, the lines are smooth, and the body is also very small. It looks like the whole design is reasonable, beautiful and tidy. It will not affect the design of the whole room, and the decoration of the whole room can cooperate with each other

3 High efficiency

The C-type heat exchanger and hydrophilic aluminum foil fins are adopted in the coil of the cascade fan, which greatly improves the heat exchange efficiency.

4 Easy Installation