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Ceiling conceal ducted type fan coil unit ( B style)

Air volume range: 340m3/h~2380m3/h

Cooling capacity range: 2150W~12800W

4-pipe system is optional, static pressure have: 12pa; 30pa; 50pa; can be choosen

Universal conceal type fan coil unit

ceiling conceal type fan coil unit, can be installed by vertical or horizontal

Air volume range: 340m3/h~2380m3/h

Cooling capacity range: 1800W~12600W

4-pipe system is optional

Slim type ceiling conceal duct fan coil unit

The product is only 200mm thickness, which is adapt a narrow installation space, new design of ceiling conceal duct type fan coil unit.

Air volume range: 340m3/h~1200m3/h
Cooling capacity range: 2000W~6300W

High static pressure duct type fan coil unit

High static pressure, long distance air supply

Air volume range: 1360m3/h~4080m3/h

Cooling capacity range: 7200W~21600W

Static pressure: 120pa

4-pipe system is optional

High static pressure ducted type fan coil unit

Air volume range: 1700m3/h~2380m3/h

Cooling capacity range: 9000W~12600W

4-pipe system is optional